22, Gujral Nagar, Near T.V. Centre, Jalandhar City (Pb.) India.
Mon - Sat : 8.00 - 18.00 Sunday Closed


Babies world IVF clinic is an advanced fertility centre with state of art equipments & is run by a team of experts & dedicated professionals, namely Infertility Consultants, Andrologist, Microbiologist, Counsellors, Programme Coordinator, ART Specialist, Gynaecologist & technical staff.

The IVF Lab. is a sterile hepafilter room with Co2, incubator, Olympus Microscope with Narshige Micromanipulator & I V F Theatre, which deals only with ovum pick-up & Embyro transfer. This reduces the risk of the Embryo’s being exposed to the detrimental fluctuations in environment. It is backed by Ultrasound, Hormonal Assays & Endoscopic facilities. Endoscopic Procedures are done in a separate general operation theatre. The Andrology lab is located within the IVF unit & can deal with all types of male infertility. Sperm banking facilities are also available thus offering all aspects of infertility treatment under one room. A viewing gallery is provided to enable patients & doctors to observe the actual IVF/ICSI/IUI procedures. semen collection room equipped with audio-visual facilities is provided for the male parter for semen collection.