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Doctor Message

“Parenthood can be described as a deeply human experience. It is one of the greatest event of the lifetime both physically & emotionally.”

Let not any couple be bereft of this wonderful experience of parenthood.

We, at Babies World, are proud to announce the launch of the comprehensive centre for the treatment of infertile couples.
The centre is fully equipped with a state of the art IVF Lab, with facilities for all modes of treatment related to infertility.

With the addition of this new centre, we are now the only hospital in the region to have all facilities under one roof. Sub-fertile patients will now be investigated and treated within the hospital. In addition, on conception they will be managed by the finest obstetric unit in the region. Such pregnancies are “high risk”and “precious”. So, this facility is extremely important to improve the “take “, home baby”ratio.

In addition, our hospital has the best “Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”. All pregnancies resulting from “ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNIQUES” are at hig risk of pre-mature delivery and multiple gestations. In this hospital, the neonates are assured of the best possible chance of survival.

Let the nightmare of infertility be erased from the livesof couples, by our combined efforts.

Dr. Mrs. Ranu Chhabra
M.Sc(Human Genetics)