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IVF Commonly Known as Test Tube Baby. In this procedure, the fertilization takes place in the IVF lab, but the embryo’s grow in the uterine cavity. This is the original Test Tube Baby procedure, where in the women is subjected to controlled ovarian hyper stimulation with gonadotrophins for obtaining more than one egg ( oocyte ).

Once the Follicles are at the size of 18 mm H.C.G. is administered & the oocytesare aspirated at 36 hours post H.C.G ( before they rupture ) & transferred to the IVF Laboratory; where they undergo fertilization using washed sperms of husband. The Fertilized oocytes are than transferred to an incubator, where under suitable conditions of temperature & co2 concentration, embryos are formed, which are later transferred to the uterus (womb ).

Success Rate are in the range of 40-50% per cycle & 3-5 cycles are recommended opting for alternate treatment options.

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